Renaissance of Humanity™

Renaissance of Humanity™ — fostering the highest of human values amidst a seeming paradigm of divisiveness and negativity. By creatively cultivating positive transformation promoting positivity, respect, harmony, compassion, unconditional love, appreciation of diversity, non-violence and responsible stewardship of the Earth and care of all of its species….a new more conscious humanity will be birthed and aware of our responsibility to use our respective gifts and talents for the betterment of society and of the world.


To amplify this message, Imagining a Global Festival of the Arts™, will generate enthusiasm for and highlight the power of the performing and visual arts to impart the highest of human virtues and serve as an exemplar that can be used in cities across the North American continent.

It’ll gain support and earnest enthusiasm from people across a wide cross-section of the society who are looking for such a platform for joining together,to produce a more comprehensive full day Festival of the Arts signature event.

Examples: a “Festival of the Arts / DC” or a “Festival of the Arts / Toronto”, etc.~ tapping the talent of those living in that vicinity, as well as, attracting notable people in their respective fields who are already adding so much value to our society to receive awards on behalf of WCA for using their respective fields of art to raise consciousness.


“Music and performing arts has the amazing power to bring people together and make us feel connected as one species regardless of our various identities.


We intend to use this as our medium to bring people together and transform hearts and minds of thousands of people to live a positive, responsible, and conscious life that adds value to all beings around us and this planet.”

Robert Lynch

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