Andra Baylus

President of the Board
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Andra has had a long and storied history of community and social service in the Washington DC area striving to make this world a better place through her energetic involvement in various causes and non-profits. While her professional background is education and teaching, she has volunteered and led numerous initiatives in her lifetime such as interfaith bridge building, Unity Walk Interfaith Steering Committee (DC), “Summit of Greater Washington Imams and Rabbis” Steering Committee, and many more in her long career. We are proud and priveleged to have her lead the World Consciousness Alliance as the President of the board.

Ms. Baylus holds a BS. Degree from the University of Maryland in the field of Early Childhood Education. Recognizing the importance of acclimating immigrants into the American culture, she attended postgraduate studies at the University of Virginia and Trinity College with a double major in the fields of Special Education and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).  Specializing in the area of English Speakers of Other Languages, she served as the ESOL High School Department Chair and taught: English Literacy courses to immigrant parents, Adult High School ESOL classes and  Middle School ESOL classes. Ms. Baylus was appointed to the Fairfax County Teacher Leader Cadre to train high school educators strategies to increase students’ academic performance for the Standards of Learning Evaluations.  

In 2000, Ms. Baylus won the US Department of State’s, “Award For Excellence in Teaching” and represented the US along with 24 other professionals traveling to the Newly Independent States (NIS countries). Ms. Baylus was specifically assigned to Moscow, Russia to cultivate relationships and mutually enhance curriculum development in the US and Russia. 

Ms. Baylus’ role changed to that of an interfaith bridge-builder after retirement. She was invited to join the prestigious Fairfax County Government’s Faith Communities in Action, “Clergy and Leadership Council”, an organization of select Faith Leaders of many religions and spiritual communities in Fairfax County, VA. who come together to promote mutual understanding and to address the social needs of those at risk in Fairfax County. She is the Chairperson of the Clergy and Leadership Council’s Charter Development Committee and serves on their Domestic Violence Task Force. In response to the increase of hate crimes in the US, she successfully initiated the creation of the first Fairfax County Government, “Interfaith Committee for Equity, Respect and Understanding”.   

 While living in Myrtle Beach, SC, Ms.Baylus co-founded and served as the first President of the Avatar Meher Baba Circle of Friends, a universal faith-based service organization. Upon returning to the DC area, she co-founded the DC Interfaith Peace Initiative sponsoring several events involving the Abrahamic faith traditions. For many years, Ms.Baylus served on the Washington, DC. Unity Walk Interfaith Steering Committee setting into motion components that are now integral to heightening awareness of the many interfaith peace building efforts in DC, MD and VA. Due to the upsurge of hate crimes and an increase in islamophobia and anti-semitism, Ms. Baylus became co-founder and President of the Greater Washington Muslim-Jewish Forum, a coalition of interfaith organizations, mosques, temples and synagogues working to stand against islamophobia, anti-semitism and bigotry in all forms, and to support immigrants and create ties of friendship among faith communities.  

Ms. Baylus was past Director of the “Summit of Greater Washington Imams and Rabbis” Steering Committee, a body of Imams, Rabbis and Administrators who plan the annual “Summit of Greater Washington Imams and Rabbis” which brings together spiritual leaders of the Muslim and Jewish Communities to plan initiatives to cultivate a closer relationship with one another, to encourage partnership in advocacy against bigotry in all forms and to initiate social action projects through a newly formed body, “Jews and Muslims and Allies Acting Together (JAMAAT). Ms.Baylus serves as Co-Chair of JAMAAT’s “Committee Against Bigotry and Hate” and has been instrumental working with the Newseum’s Religious Freedom Center in Washington, DC to develop Civil Dialogue Trainings for Religious Leaders. Ms.Baylus is a Co-Director of JAMAAT and Chairperson of its Steering Committee.  

As Program Director for the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington ( Ms.Baylus coordinates the Dr. Martin L. King Commemorative MultiFaith Events in Washington, DC.. She created the first “MLK Peace Expo: Welcome to the Beloved Community”, a unique Resource Fair of professional human rights, peace, social service, interfaith and humanitarian organizations. 

Currently, Ms. Baylus also serves as the President of the World Consciousness Alliance North America ( WCA NA ), a global organization whose mission is to raise consciousness of the importance of living the highest values and ethics exemplified in all religions and to treasure the Earth as our universal home. Additionally, Ms. Baylus is serving as Vice-President of BRIDGEE ( Building Relationships In-Between Diverse Groups Through Educational Empowerment ), an organization committed to building bridges with international youth across and among diverse communities. 

Ms.Baylus has three adult children and three grandchildren and resides in Oakton,VA.  

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