Arvind Ananthan

Board Member, Technology

Arvind is a free soul eager to experience all that this life has to offer. Originally a native of Chennai, India, he finished his education in India and later emigrated to the US, graduating with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from University of Maryland Baltimore County. He resides in the Boston area¬† and currently works as a Technical Marketing Manager for a engineering software company. Having had the wonderful opportunity to travel around the world as part of his work, he has seen first hand how we humans, regardless of our location, skin color, language, food, etc., are all essentially the same with similar aspirations, desires, struggles, challenges, and hopes; while having a just a different physical exterior.

Arvind’s passions lie in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and flying. He’s an animal lover, a technology geek, musician, mountain biker, hiker, yoga enthusiast, and a certified private pilot eager to take to the skies whenever he finds the ground too boring. As a seeker, trying to understand himself and the world around him, he has a strong desire to give back to the world in whatever way he can – to help other fellow humans, or animals, or trees; so all beings in this world can continue to have a fair chance at experiencing this world in their own ways as the creator intended without undue interference from others – just as we’d like the same!

Arvind, working closely with Dejan, handles technology, collaboration tools, and website aspects of WCA activities.

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