David B.Vogt, Esq.

Board Member, Legal

David’s experience is diverse: three decades of practicing law, many years as a seasoned California and Nevada real-estate broker, a published author, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist dedicating his time and resources to non-profits that are making this world a better place in different ways. As an attorney of law, he has represented dozens of companies, litigated the largest civil matter in Los Angeles County history, identified and recovered paintings looted during WWII, and currently provides legal advice to select, privately held businesses, from startup to $250M in valuation.

As a 3rd generation Californian, he has enjoyed the coastline from Malibu to Coranado, recently lived in Majorca, Spain, and now appreciates the transcendent Tahoe lifestyle, whether experienced from his snowboard, a backcountry campsite, or the cockpit of his plane. When not busy working, David enjoys travel, golf, flying, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, acting, yoga, art, and new technologies.

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