Erin Thibault-Morphy

Board Member, Creative Arts Director

Erin is an artist with a background in home decor, renovations, and staging. Self-employed, the two fields allow her the creativity she finds essential in her work. With a background in sales in home decor products, representing several suppliers, her work brought her throughout the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec regions. She discovered painting after a move to Sarasota, Florida.

Predominantly a self-taught artist, she enjoys traveling to attend workshops on an ongoing learning quest.  Several years of practice allowed her to be invited to have her first solo exhibit in Ottawa, Ontario. Since then, her work has been invited to show in two galleries in Canada, the Santini Gallery showcasing local Ottawa artists as well as Art Mode Gallery which focuses on Canadian artists as well as is a supplier of art for corporate and government. She has been involved in the Nest Studio Tour since its inception. Her work is also shown in Sarasota, Florida and Anna Maria Island, Fl with collectors in both Canada and USA.

As a visual artist, Erin has also enjoyed, since 2005, renovating and remodeling fixer upper homes to completion. With a visual flair and the ability to see potential where others may not, she has enjoyed this other half of her work life which allows her to create beautiful spaces and put several homes back on the market successfully. She continues to work in this field, and transforms the mundane into functional and beautiful spaces.

She also practices mediation promotes the values and importance of this field by sharing her experiences and teaching others in small groups or individual settings. Meditation and breath work, essential to health and well-being, have been an area she has been exploring all her life and recently has taken it more seriously and as a daily ritual. “Life on this planet can bring a lot of stressors, we can sometimes feel overcome by all of it, sitting down on the mat can remind us that we have a place to go, to be at peace”. She has been a member of the WCA since it’s creation in 2018.

You can check out her art at

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