Founder & Inspiration for WCA
“True wealth comes from what we can give to this earth, not from what we take” – Mohanji

Mohanji has dedicated his life towards the earth and the service of all beings, with the conviction that the world should be a better place because we have lived here. Mohanji believes that; “The best religion for human beings is humanity” and the best practice is Ahimsa or non-violence in thought, word, or action. He promotes the positive human qualities of kindness and compassion.

He has a global following and his message of unconditional love and selfless service is expressed through Mohanji Foundations, Ammucare, and ACT Foundations and which is conducting humanitarian activities globally. Mohanji loves earth and lives for humanity. He promotes a lifestyle of Ahimsa, or non-violence, in thoughts, words or actions. This is the core principle of his teachings.

Mohanji founded and in 2003 which are charitable organizations run entirely by volunteer-based teams. Collectively they conduct regular charity activities in countries throughout the world. USA, Peru, Canada, UK, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, South Africa and Romania to name a few.

Mohanji Foundation is registered in over 15 countries and operative in 85 countries. Their purpose is to share his teachings, which promote humanity and non-violence. In recognition of his contribution to the world, he is an invited member of ‘Living Peace Foundation’ of Netherlands, which was founded by the ex-chief of IMF, Dr. Witteween. The Mohanji Foundation is an invited member of the ‘Parliament of World Religions of United Nations’ and the ‘Unity Earth’ project.

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