Inspiration for WCA
Mohanji is an internationally renowned humanitarian and philanthropist. Through his non-denominational teachings of unconditional love, faith and purity, he guides and inspires people to raise their awareness towards the highest values such as compassion, kindness, and goodness.
World Consciousness Alliance has it’s roots in Mohanji’s early visions of bringing together like-minded people as an organization to conduct events that emphasizes and spreads the core message of ‘Goodness Factor’ of humans, and how we can all aspire to add value to this world in any small way we can while we are still breathing, while eschewing negativity and fatalism that is afflicting a large portion of humanity today. Recognizing how our thoughts act as the fundamental roots for the words we speak, and subsequently the actions that we exhibit, Mohanji realized that instilling a persistent stream of positivity and strong sense of responsibility and a can-do attitude at our core thought level is the most effective way to effect a ever-lasting and positive change not only in ourselves but in the entire world.

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