Sanja Stankovic

Board Member, Human Resources

Sanja is a Learning and Development Specialist with a career in Human Resource Management. Her background is in the non-governmental sector where she has worked as a researcher, trainer, and outreach worker on projects for youth and various vulnerable and hard to reach groups. She has a Master degree in Sociology and has devoted most of her career contributing to the mental health and well-being of young people, students, and employees.

Sanja is an active volunteer of the International Charity Organization  “ACT Foundation” which operates in a growing number of countries across Africa, Asia and Europe on projects devoted to serving humanity and helping the helpless.

Sanja’s latest venture is bringing a concept of higher awareness into the corporate world by motivating companies to invest in awareness of their employees. She is a part of the corporate wellness initiative „Invest in Awareness“, led by group of professionals who share the passion of merging the ancient yogic secrets of breath, meditation, and Asanas with the needs of the business world.

Behind her endeavors lie the belief that by helping individuals to reach their highest potential, we are building a worldwide platform for changing the collective consciousness and directing global awareness towards the core values of humanity: unity, compassion, selflessness and non violence.

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