Thea Ivie

Board Member

Thea is a native of Arizona, and a Doctor of Naturopathy, herbalist, and Minister. She has studied with many accomplished teachers learning entity release, shamanism, jiin shin jyutsu, and kinesionics (muscle testing). Thea has experienced a super-conscious state of being where she knew she was all spirit and not just the limited body and realized without a doubt that this was the whole purpose of human life: to know our oneness with God and all life. Since then, she has taken numerous trips to India to be in spiritual retreat with various masters and has received the silent teachings of the great Mahatmas. There she met, trained under, and served many great realized masters including Swami Ramdas, Anada Moyi Ma, Swami Muktananda, Dhyanyogi, Sri Karunamayi, Swami Vishwananda, and more recently, Brahmarishi Mohanji.

She meditated in solitude for eight years in Sedona, AZ. After many years of intense meditation, Thea discovered that a human being in a highly focused and persistent meditative state experiences certain supra-natural functionalities such as as spontaneous healing, clairvoyance, and inner sight. She’s been putting such faculties to use for the greater good of humanity over past few decades. Thea has conducted meditation retreats all over the country. She co-directed The Clear Light Holistic Health Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And then founded and directed The Clear Light Spiritual Retreat Center in Maui, Hawaii where she led spiritual retreats for eight years. The last three years, Thea has worked with Mohanji, and is certified as a Mai-Tri Healer. She is also the author of the book Transcending Illusion, a book which shares her inner experiences on the path to God Realization.

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