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Dr. Patricia Cone 

Dr. Cone came into the world with a world view. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany of career Air Force family. Shortly, they moved to Durango, Colorado and Tokyo, Japan where many of her ideals for life were formed.  

Patricia attended College and graduated high school in Durango, Colorado; focused on human biology and medical technology, initially wanting to pursue a medical career. Realizing the medical profession was not focused on health, she left college, as AT&T recruited herDuring the same time, Dr. Cone sought training in Yoga, meditation, nutrition and brain researchwhile looking after her baby, as a single momLeaving AT&T as an executive, she was recruited to work in venture capital banking for Mellon Bank as a part of the World Bank. Later, as CEO, she formed a bank in Phoenix, Arizona. The tragedies of 9/11 changed Patricia’s focus from the world of money toward the hope to find peace through research in learning, behavior and the brain. In 2002on another entrepreneurial adventure, she formed StarShine Academy K-12 Charter Schools to research and prove, how and what we learn, determines success. 

In 2008, she was Knighted as a Dame in the Sovereign Order of Knights Hospitaller, Italy, one of the oldest humanitarian organizations in the world. Shortly thereafter, she was invited to meet and work with Pope Francis and scientists with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. In 2014, she was given the Human Rights Award by Church Women United of the United Nations. In 2016, Dr. Cone was named a Fellow of St. George’s College at Windsor Castle, England. She is a best-selling author, speakerresearcher and consultant. She has made presentations for the International Space Conference, the United Nations and Windsor Castle. 


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