Our Vision

Raising the Consciousness of Humanity

Imagine a world where people…

- see themselves as global citizens and consider people around the world as brothers and sisters.

- think about their responsibilities, ahead of rights, as humans sharing this planet.

- think positive thoughts, speak uplifting words, act with kindness and compassion effortlessly.

- cherish diversity, revere wisdom, honor elders and respect one another as well as the existence of other beings

The world we live in is a direct reflection of the cumulative expressions of ourselves: thoughts, words, and actions. Our goal is to influence humanity, at the core thought level, to focus on adding value to this world in our own small ways as long as we are alive, to make lives of other beings (humans and animals) and ourselves a little better.

We believe we can transform millions of lives, and eventually this planet, by bringing people together around music, performing and visual arts, to convey this message that we can cultivate a more loving, compassionate and responsible humanity that values inclusiveness, responsibility, non-violence, and becomes truly conscious of our potential to live a raised existing that’s in absolute harmony with nature.

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